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My company A&C Fitness require a background (A4) design where we can write blogs and information.

We will write fitness & nutritonal information on this & will need to amend it for each post.

I have attached our logo (A&C Fitness) & some examples of what we are looking for.

My examples are terrible so feel free to go ahead with your own designs.

Keep it the same colours as our logo. (red, black, white)

Black background with white content (writing) would be great. With fitness equipment like dumbbells & barbells. Add in any fitness related images you think would suit.

Total Bid(s): 3

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Date: October 29, 2017
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($)35 Less than 1 month
Date: October 29, 2017

Hello ,
My name is john-baker
I have read carefully your request and I’m totally can complete this job as you expexted. I home we have a oppotunite work on this

($)41 1 to 3 months
Date: October 28, 2017


After reading your offer this looks like a perfect fit for my skill sets. I have built a large number of creative designs for different businesses.

My name is Amidner and I am an indian web graphic designer. I love web and graphic designs and have great portfolio with different mockups.

I can assure you several things in addition that I am a professional designer:
– I have a great design sense for European corporate design
– I am an indian with native English. I can guarantee quality in communications.
– I work extremely fast and with high quality

Thank you and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

($)300 3 to 6 months