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Hi. Having had a New Property site built, I am now considering raising Capital for Marketing etc by crowdfunding a percentage of it, for which I need help creating a smart crowdfunding campaign to do so. You need to know the best site/s to place a campaign on as well as being able to know how best to market the whole thing on social media etc etc. Let me know how you propose going about this preferably supplying examples of other campaigns you have helped with.

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Date: October 31, 2017

Hi ,
I am Martha Lopez
I have over 3 years of experiences onthis fields and I’m totally can complete this job as well you expexted. Hope you can assign this job for me.
Martha Lopez

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Date: October 31, 2017

Hello ,
My name is Helen May
I have read carefully your request and I’m totally can complete this job as you expexted. I hope we have a oppotunite work on this
Helen May

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