Taras D

Taras D

$ 33/hr

Certified Magento Developer Plus

6, Arsene Houssaye, 75008, Paris,France Angular.jsCSS3MagentoPHPShopifyWordPress


I am Magento Certified Developer Plus – http://www.magentocommerce.com/certification/directory/dev/521413/

I have good knowledge in areas of PHP development and creation of HTML layouts with complex JS interactions. Have strong understanding of OOP concepts and JS prototyping.
Also have skills in system administration.

Relevant experience:
Magento-related (both EE and CE):
Themes creation/modification;
Various integrations (WordPress etc.);
Multi-store setups handling;
Front-end optimization (CSS sprites, JS/CSS minification, etc);
Modules development;
Magento upgrades;

Git (preferable) or SVN;
Issue tracking systems usage (mostly Jira, Redmine);
Advanced *nix (Debian/CentoOS/RHEL/FreeBSD) administration and shell scripting;
cPanel/WHM/Plesk knowledge.

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24X7 hours